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  Date : As per schedule of In-House Training Workshop
Duration : 2 Days
Time : 9.00am – 5.00pm
Venue :  At Client Premises

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Trainer/ConsultantChoong Ewe Lee                     
  Introduction :  
  Failure Mode Effect & Analysis (FMEA) is an important tool to succeed in the journey of Six-Sigma and Zero Defect for manufacturing. It helps to prevent potential problem or failure mode even before it occurred (before the fact). This course helps the participants to develop the skills and knowledge to identify or foresee potential problem; and thus leading them to analyze and assess the situation. Subsequently, this shall guide the development of recommended action plans, and assessment of results. Organization shall benefit from reduced downtime and rejects, hence increase productivity and able to focus on other priorities! FMEA ultimately supports in delivering quality to satisfy customer needs.
  Who Must Attend :  
This training workshop is specially designed for Technical and QA personnel of Managers, Engineers, Executive and Technician levels. Manufacturing / production managers and executive who are expose to machine operations or TPM can also attend to support, thus to work as a team with their technical staffs.

  What is So Special about this Training ?  
  •    We will train your participating employees to foresee or recognize problems before it occur.
•    We will provide you supporting FMEA format form to begin with.
•    We will provide supporting tables to assess the failure mode.
•    We will provide tools to analyze problem root causes and derive recommended action plans.

  Training Objectives :  

By the end of the training, participants will be able to:

•    Learn to identify potential problem.
•    Analyze the problem causes and effect to the end users / customers.
•    Understand the problem extend, and prioritize the problem.
•    Develop Recommended Action Plans to prevent the problem to occur / Failure Mode.
•    Prevent failure mode from occurring.

  Training Contents :  

Introduction : Understand course objectives and develop analyzing FMEA approach
•    Course Objectives
•    Develop & Analyzing Possible/Potential Failures


FMEA Overview : Acquire basic understanding of the FMEA and development
•    Background
•    Definition
•    Benefits of FMEA
•    Types of FMEA

•    Product Reliability
•    Key Elements of FMEA

Purpose of FMEA : Understanding the purposes, importance & application of FMEA

•    Analyzing failure / quality issue
•    Description of FMEA

Understanding FMEA : Description of FMEA in practice

•    Process FMEA form
•    Illustration of Process FMEA

“Process FMEA” steps & exercise : Acquiring the steps to apply Process FMEA
•    Process
•    Description of Process FMEA
•    Severity
•    Occurrence
•    Detection
•    Prioritizing recommended action plans
•    Root Cause Analysis – Fishbone & Why-Why Analysis

Design FMEA – An Overview : Description of Design FMEA

•    Design FMEA form
•    Severity
•    Detection

FMEA Learning Activity : Applying the Process FMEA

•    Learning activity using work related matters

Summary : Course reflection

•    Common mistakes in performing FMEA
•    Learning summary 
  Methodology :  

The emphasis for the participants shall be the fundamental understanding of Process FMEA and how it could help manufacturing to achieve higher quality and productivity. Learning activities with work related issues are used for each FMEA process steps to facilitate their understanding. Participants will then present each of the steps outcomes for feedback and enhance learning. Subsequently, a full scale FMEA is conducted as the main learning activity with other related work issues.

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Notes :
This Training Programme is SBL Claimable *Subject to PSMB conditions.