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  Date : As per scheduled for In-House Training
Duration : 2 Days
Time : 9.00am – 5.00pm
Venue : At Client's Premises

TrainerChoong Ewe Lee                       
  Introduction :  
  Performance Appraisal Review (PAR) is one of the most important tools use to motivate the employees to move towards the direction of a company. However, most of the conducts of PAR do not help the employer to meet the above purpose. PAR is more than deciding Bonus or Salary Increment of the employees, but it is also a means to help to the employees to explore their inborn strengths & recognize their areas of improvement to outperform their current work, and also to gain job satisfaction from their work.

  Who Must Attend :  
This training workshop is specially designed for General/Senior Managers, Managers or Section Heads from the respective departments who are required to conduct performance appraisal review for the performance evaluation of their respective employees.

  What is So Special about this Training ?  

Our Performance Appraisal System will be able to :

•    Link to BSC/KPI System.
•    Link to support the Corporate Culture.
•    Link to Bonus/Salary Increment Exercise
•    Link to Individual Training Needs Analysis(TNA) & Training Plan.

  Training Objectives :  

By the end of the training, participants will be able to:

•    Explain the concept of Performance Appraisal
•    Design & Use the Performance Appraisal Review Form.
•    Define & Appraise Results Performance Objectively.
•    Define, Standardize & Appraise Behavioural Performance Fairly.
•    Use the 4 Basic Techniques & 4 Step-Approach to conduct Performance Appraisal Session.
•    Link your PAR Score to the Bonus/Salary Increment Spreadsheet in order to determine the Bonus & Salary
     Increment for your employees.

  Training Contents :  

Concept of Performance Appraisal Review (PAR) :

•    What & Why Performance Appraisal ?
•    PAR : Keep Your Employees Motivate !
•    Your Attitudes towards PAR
•    Tips for PAR Preparation


Design & Use of Performance Appraisal Review Form :
Part I : Results Performance

•    Define Performance to be Appraised (KRA)
•    Define Performance Indicators (KPI)
•    Define Benchmark Performance (Target)
•    Assess the Actual Performance
•    Convert into PAR Score


Part II : Bahavioural Performance Indicator (BPI)
•    Recognize the RATER BIAS
•    How to overcome the RATER BIAS
•    How to Quantify/Define Performance & Set Standard for BPI ?
•    How to Focus on Fact & Justify its Rating ?


Part III : Proposed Salary Adjustment/Promotion

•    How to decide for Salary Increment
•    How to decide for Staff Promotion ?


Part IV : Performance Target for Next Year

•    Changes of Job Responsibility/Authority/Target
•    Achievement of Current Target Set
•    Alignment of New Target against Salary Earned


Part V : Development Plan

•    Analyse the Strengths & Improvement Needs
•    Convert the Improvement Needs into T&D Plan


Design & Use of Self Appraisal Form
•    Your Accomplishment
•    Your Self Growth
•    Your Development Needs
•    Your Career Goals/Interests

4 Basic Techniques in Conducting PAR :
•    How to put Hard Message across in Soft Way ?
•    How to Comment in FAIR Manner ?
•    How to get Employees to Speak Out Loud ?
•    How to Criticize in Constructive Manner ?

4 Step-Approach to Conduct of PAR :
•    Step 1 : Get the Employee to Open Up
•    Step 2 : Discuss Current Performance & Set Next Year Plan
•    Step 3 : Discuss the Development Plan
•    Step 4 : Close the PAR Session

•    Role Play : Conduct of PAR

Linkage of PAR Score to Bonus/Salary Increment : 
•    Guideline for Bonus/Salary Increment Calculation
•    Decision on Bonus/Salary Increment Pool.
•    Distribution of Bonus/Salary Increment Pool
•    Sequence & Process Planning in PAR Exercise.

  Methodology :  

Group/individual exercises, group/class facilitation and lecture will be used to ensure the participants understand the concept/principle of PAR, the design & use of PAR Form, and how to use the PAR form to conduct the performance appraisal review for their subordinates. The trainer will also share with the trainees on the 4 Basic Techniques & 4 Step-Approach in conducting PAR session. Role Play will be used to demonstrate the ability of the trainees to learn up the skills during the training session. At the final session, the trainer will show the pax on the linkage of PAR Score to Bonus/ Salary Increment in a practical manner via real life case of his consulting experience.

  Investment Fees :  
  RM 2,200.00 per participant (Standard Fee)
RM 1,980.00 per participant (Early Bird Fee, register 2 weeks before the training)

Group incentive: Register 3 participants from the same organization, the 4th participant is FREE.
(Buy 3 Get 1 Free @ RM 2,200.00/participant)

  Registration :  

There are 3 methods to register for this training:
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3.    Call us to register. Tel: +6-03-5622 1885

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Notes :
This Training Programme is SBL Claimable *Subject to PSMB conditions.