(A) Clients who has engaged us with Consulting Project


“After engaging with Brain Performance, I started to see how KPI could help me to manage my business in a more professional way. I found that our system of “Data Management by Fact” has strongly assisted us in critical Business Decision. The consultant has also assisted us to drive our team to be more results driven & focussed to achieve our business goals”

Yap Choon Keong, General Manager
Zen Computer System Sdn Bhd


“We are glad to adopt the KPI Model of Brain Performance. After 5 years of KPI implementation, we have managed to turn our Group of Companies to be more results driven & merit based organization. The recommended KPI system has also assisted us to directly link the annual performance of our staff to their Salary Increment & Bonus ! ”

YM Dato’ Raja Azhar Bin Raja Ismail, Chairman
Godell Group of Companies


“Brain Performance has assisted us in maintaining our ISO 9001 QMS for the past 4 years via their Maintenance Package. We are glad that, they have continuously monitored to ensure our system is always in order. With their service, I have the rest of my mind that our system is anytime ready for Certification Body (CB) or Client Audit !”

YM Dato’ HJ Ruslee, Managing Director
Malpro Industries Sdn Bhd


“We have engaged Brain Performance via their Maintenance Package since 2007. What is so different of Brain Performance is, they are very result driven. Every trip they visit us, they are not only share with us "what to do", they are also hand-on working together with us to ensure we could complete our task as per project schedule. We would highly recommend their value for money Maintenance Package”

Ricky, Managing Director
Standard Engineering Metal Stamping Sdn Bhd


“We have engaged Brain Performance to establish our ISO 9001 QMS in the year of 2003, and engaged him to set up our KPI system recently. We found it worth, as he could help us to cross-functionally align the KPI set among the departments. What we need MOST is, their KPI System would be able to directly link to our Bonus & Salary Increment Exercise to drive every of our Staff to achieve KPI set.”

Norman Kum, Managing Director
Sumber Petroleum Cemerlang Sdn Bhd


“We have engaged Brain Performance for the last 7 years in term of Quality Management System for ISO 9001:2008 & ISO/TS 16949:2009. We found it worth to work with Brain Performance is because the consultant not only know well of our Rubber Industry & its operations, but he also has the capability to lead & drive our TS Committee Members to work as a Team to get their thing done as per dateline”

Mr. Sim Kim Choy, Business Manager
Pong Codan Rubber Sdn Bhd


“We have continuously engaged Brain Performance for the last 4 years. We found that the consultant is very approachable, and has the hand-on experience relevant to our industry, so our employees like his coaching method, and can make them learn more, as comparing to our previous consultant”

Mr. Leong Chee Siong, QA Manager
Innovalues Precision (Kluang) Sdn Bhd


(B) Clients who has attended our Training Workshop


“After I have attended the KPI Public Training, I have brought in the KPI Management System to NCMI via Brain Performance. The consultant has coached us through by establishing the Business Plan, leading us to finalize the Annual Budget, and directly linking up our KPI set to our Salary Increment & Bonus Exercise. I am glad that the drastic change has driven my Management Team to be more Business Focused & Target Oriented than before”

Mr. Chan Chun Kit, Managing Director
Ngai Cheong Metal Industries Sdn Bhd


“We have engaged Brain Performance to assist us in our Quality Management System via their Maintenance Package for the past 6 years. They have coached our staff to ensure we are always at the right track. What I am impressed is, the BPC consultant has always put our interest at the highest priority and advise us to minimize any unnecessary investment!”

Tham Wai Kit, General Manager 
Kejuruteraan H&S Sdn Bhd


“CNI has engaged Brain Performance for the last 8 years. The firm commitment in providing value added services is commendable. Its services goes beyond the normal Quality Management System consultancy. We appreciate it's consultant mindfulness of our business and culture needs when providing recommendations for improvements or alternative solutions to our operation challenges. I guess the knowledge gained from the many years of hands-on experience counts."

Julie Chan, Sr. Manager
CNI Enterprise Sdn Bhd


“We have been using the BPC consultants for the last 6 years since 2005. The consultant is capable to dissolve our ISO 9001 & ISO/TS 16949:2009 related issues from time to time, such as Upgrading of ISO 9001 QMS, Integrated Management System, etc!”

Mr. Lee Beng Shing
  Atotech (M) Sdn Bhd


“Once Brain Performance is appointed as our ISO Consultant, we did not swift to others anymore for the last 10 years, as we believe they always give their very BEST! All our colleagues will say - as long as Choong (one of the BPC Consultant) is here, our problems shall be resolved!"

Kenneth Chin, General Manager
Jetson Label Sdn Bhd


“We have continuously engaged Brain Performance after they have assisted us in ISO 9001 Certification. With their "down-to-earth" experience, we have created a well-structured quality management system to impress our clients. We like their way is because, they do not Only coach us "What to Do", but they are also Hands-On working together with us to get our work done.”

Mr. Woon, Managing Director
  Centrionics Sdn Bhd