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  Date : 10 - 11 April 2017 (Monday - Tuesday)
Duration : 2 Days
Time : 9.00am – 5.00pm
Venue :  Hotel at KL or Klang Valley Area
Sharing : ISO 9001:2015 Articles Sharing by Trainer
Special Promotion : Promotion for Consulting Package In Upgrading ISO 9001:2015
Trainer/ConsultantChoong Ewe Lee   
  Introduction :  
  Based on our years of experience as third party auditors or consultants for ISO 9001 QMS, many of us found that majority of our clients did not like to conduct Internal Quality Audit. Why ? Audit is about the tedious checklist and evidence recording job. With this, we have continuously reinvented our auditing technique, and make it simpler & easier for our clients to learn & use. Besides, we have also guided them to enjoy the audit, like “a detective looking for clues” ! We aim to share this exciting audit technique with those who are newly appointed as Internal Auditor, and also with those who are looking for a better & simpler way of conducting audit.

  Who Must Attend :  
The workshop is specially designed for any QMR, Internal Quality Audit, Sr. Managers, Managers, or Executives who are appointed to be the Internal Lead Auditors or Quality Auditors, or who needs to be refreshed to lead/conduct periodical Internal Quality Audit activities to assure the effectiveness of implementing ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.

  What is So Special about this Training ?  
  We have created a hassle-free IQA Approach which is simple to learn & use, but effective :
•    Use 3P Principle that uses 3 standard questions to audit processes.
•    Use Record Process Flow Method to replace the creation of tedious Audit Checklist.
•    Use 2R Approach to record Audit Evidence with standardized format.
•    A handy “CAR Issuing Guideline” & “IQA Guideline” will be provided.
•    The above method has beneficial > 500 clients, and our > 2,500 Internal Quality Auditors that being coached
     & trained for the past 20 years.

  Training Objectives :  

By the end of the training, participants will be able to:

•    Explain for the Internal Quality Auditing Process & its requirements as per ISO 9001:2015.
•    Plan for the Audit Schedule & Audit Programme
•    Use ISO 9001:2015 and/or ISO Doc. to prepare for Audit Checklist.
•    Audit the QMS by applying the 3P Principle of “People, Practice, Paper”.
•    Record the Audit Evidence via reference no. & reference details.
•    Issue & close CAR as per required by ISO 9001 standard requirements.
•    Prepare for the Audit Report & present it to the Management
  Training Contents :  

Overview of ISO 9001 : 2015 Standard

•    About QMS
•    The New Structure of ISO 9001:2015 standard
•    The Significant Proposed Changes
•    The Key Focus of Audit for ISO 9001:2015 Standard


Introduction to Audit

•    About Internal Quality Audit
•    Type of Audit
•    About Clause Requirement of 9.2 (Internal Audit)
•    The 4 Stages of Audit Process


Stage 1 : Audit Planning
•    Prepare for Audit Schedule
•    Appoint Internal Quality Auditor
•    Prepare for Audit Programme


Stage 2 : Audit Preparation

•    Team Briefing
•    Document Review/Site Familiarization
•    Develop Record Process Flow


Use Process Audit Approach

•    3P Principle : Audit the Linkages of Processes
•    Audit the related 4M
•    Audit the effectiveness of the Processes (KPI)
•    Audit the related ISO Clause Requirements


Stage 3: Audit Performance

•    Process Audit Approach (Process Linkage/4M/Clauses/KPI/etc)
•    Auditing Technique (Interviewing/Observing/Verifying/Recording)
•    Records for Audit Evidence (Conformance & Nonconformance)
•    Judgement of Audit Findings (Major/Minor Non-conformance)


Managing of Corrective Action Request :

•    Issuance of Non-Conformance (NC)
•    Preparation of audit report
•    Investigation of root causes
•    Proposal of Corrective Action (CA)
•    Review/Verification of Corrective Action

Stage 4 : Audit Reporting

•    Closing Meeting
•    Preparation of Audit Report
•    Follow-up of Corrective Action Request (Audit Log)
•    Plan for the Next Audit

  Methodology :  

This workshop will be conducted via slides presentation, group discussion/facilitation as well as the real-life case audit based on the typical ISO documents of a company. The trainer will coach the participants through the whole process of IQA from auditing, identifying the non-conformities (NCs), issuing the Corrective Action Request (CAR) until the stage at Verification of Corrective Action.

  Investment Fees :  

Training Fee        :  RM 1,188.00 per participant (Standard Fee)
                            RM    988.00 per participant (Early Bird Fee, register at least 2 weeks before the training)


Group Incentive : Register 4 participants from the same organization at RM 988 per participant.

                            (Get 1 Free Set of “ISO 9001:2015 Conversion Guide” in hardcopy)

  Registration :  

There are 3 methods to register for this training:
1.    Kindly click here for online registration. Register Now
2.    Email us to register via
Call us to register. Tel: +6-03-5622 1885

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Notes :
This Training Programme is SBL Claimable *Subject to PSMB conditions.