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  Introduction :  
To assess the effectiveness of ISO 14001:2015 EMS, EMS audit team must be the qualified individuals who have specialist experience and knowledge of the environmental aspects to be expected within the organization under audit.  However, auditors could also be trained to use the auditing technique to identify the environmental issues and to detect the effectiveness of operational controls to recommend for the improvement of environmental performance.
  Who Must Attend :  
The workshop is specially designed for any EMR, EMS Committee, Sr. Managers, Managers, or Executives who are appointed to be the Lead Auditor, Environmental Auditor, or who needs to lead/conduct periodical Internal Environmental Audit activities to assure the effectiveness of implementing ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System in the organization.

  Training Objectives :

By the end of the training, participants will be able to:  

•    Explain of the EMS, ISO 14001:2015 & its focus of Audit.
•    Audit the Environmental Aspects & Impact Analysis.
•    Audit the Environmental Legal Requirements as well as its compliance of Env. Monitoring & Measurement.
•    Audit the processes of Schedule Waste & Chemical Management.
•    Audit the processes of Emergency Preparedness & Response.
•    Compile Audit Evidence & issue CAR as per NC detected.

  Training Contents :  
  Introduction to Env. Management System
•    About Env. Management System
•    About ISO 14001:2015 & its Clause Requirements
•    About Environmental Legal & Other Requirements

Principle of Environmental Audit
•    Objectives of EMS Audit
•    Scope of EMS Audit
•    Stages of EMS Audit

Audit on Env. Aspects & Impacts Analsysis
•    Specify the Sources, Types & Forms of Pollutants
•    Recognize its Impacts & Operations Control
•    Life Audit : Environmental Aspects & Impacts Analysis

Audit on Env. Legal Requirements & its Compliance
•    Env. Legal Requirements (OHSA, 1994, EQA, 1974, FMA, 1967)
•    Env. Monitoring & Measurement
•    Life Audit : Evaluation of Compliance (Legal & Other Req.)

Audit on Communication
•    About Interest Parties
•    Audit on Internal Communication (i.e. Sub-Contractors)
•    Audit on External Communication (i.e. DOE)
•    Life Audit : Communition

Audit on Schedule Waste & Chemical Management
•    Schedule Waste Management
•    Chemical Management
•    Life Audit : Schedule Waste/Chemical Management

Audit on Emergency Preparedness & Response (EPR)
•    Audit Aspects on EPR.
•    Fire/Spillage Drill/Accident Report/etc
•    Life Audit : Emergency Preparedness & Response

Audit Reporting
•    Submit CAR & Auditor Report
•    Follow-Up, Review & Close

  Methodology :  


This workshop will be conducted via slides presentation, group discussion/facilitation as well as the real-life case audit based on the typical ISO documents of a company. The trainer will coach the participants through the specific audited areas from Aspects & Impact Analysis, Environmental Legal Requirements, Schedule Waste Management, Emergency Preparedness & Response, and the rest of specific audited areas as per required by ISO 14001:2015. The trainer will also train the Auditors to create Audit Checklist, and share with them "What to Look for" via case study & exercises given during the training workshop.


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Notes :
This Training Programme is SBL Claimable *Subject to PSMB conditions.