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(by Choong Ewe Lee)


We would like to thank our clients that have been supporting us for the last 18 years.
In the appreciation of supporting us, Brain Performance Consultants would like to launch a 6-month “bi-weekly Article” on KPI contemporary issues where “pop-up” during our consulting work. We hope that these series of articles would help you to continuously maintain, and further enhance your KPI Management System. Besides, we also hope to share our new discovery with any KPI practitioners who are interested to keep themselves updated with the latest technology of the KPI implementation in Malaysia, Indonesia & Singapore.
  For the coming 3 months, we have selected a few of our consulting cases that are worth to share as per below:
•    Would KPI improve our Business Performance ?
•    How to make KPI work toward our Business Results ?
•    Can we measure KPI of Supporting Dept (HR/Accounts/etc) ?
•    Could we link our KPI to our Performance Appraisal Exercise ?
•    Could we link our KPI directly to Bonus & Salary Increment Exercise ?
How to synchronize the Challenging Level of KPI among departments ?
As our aim is to promote the true-value & successful implementation of KPI Management System through
the above sharing, please feel free to forward the above articles to whoever that may find it useful.
If they are interested to subscribe to the above articles, they are most welcome to email for the above subscription.

  Should you have any comments/inputs/topics that wish us to put in this Sharing Session, please feel free to drop us a mail.  
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