Q : Can Business Strategies help to improve Business Performance ?
A : Business Strategic Plan must provide a clear Business Direction to every employees. It helps to focus the business resources to realize & achieve the business & financial goals set.
Q : Would every Business Strategies set be proven successful ?
A : Of course not ! Business Strategies that focus on the wrong segment market (in especially compete at the red ocean with very thin profit margin) will be doom to fail. This is especially true, while the particular enterprise does not have strengths in this competitive market. An experienced business coach with proven records will be definitely helpful to you.
Q : What will determine a successful Business Strategies ?
A : A successful Business Strategies will be determined by whether we could capitalize our current “Strengths” to seize the ready available “Business Opportunities” in the market. If we have “Weaknesses” to gain this opportunities, it depend on how quickly we could overcome them. These will definitely challenge our business wisdom to become winner or loser.
Q : How do we know we have the right Business Strategic Focus ?
A : If we found that our Services/Products are selling like hot cake, and our Sales Team hold a very high closing rate. Hence, our company is still having a handsome profit.

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