(D) Operations Improvement Initiatives :

Q : How can TQM help us ?
A : TQM would not help us, if it is rested TQM at concept or training workshop level. It bears fruits, only while we put the TQM Concept into Action. To make TQM work, we need to set a clear financial/quality target, and work towards to realize it through a series of strategic quality initiatives.
Q : Would Japanese 5S a necessity for Service Sector ?
A : Japanese 5S is one of the most popular consulting project for Brain Performance. Why ? It is down-to-earth. Our clients could see the immediate changes after we have initiated the Japanese 5S Project for them. The environmental changes (i.e. brighter areas, more spacious/organized workplace, etc) have made the working environment more encouraging, and lifted up the working mood of every worker. We have recently recommended the Japanese 5S to Service Sectors as well, such as Hospital, Multi-Level Marketing, Trading House, etc.
Q : Can Lean Manufacturing really help us to reduce our Manufacturing Cost ?
A : The key sources of high manufacturing cost is always due to unnecessary waste, such as waiting time, additional processes, over production, stock waste, defect waste, etc. Lean Manufacturing is a simple tool that could be easily understood by our rank & file workers in order to help us to continuous eliminate the 7 types of wastes (so called 7 MUDAs) in our Daily Operations Process.
Q : How could Statistical Process Control (SPC) (i.e. X Bar & R chart) work for my factory ?
A : As materials cost has gone up, most of the factory has shifted from Product Control (QC) to Process Control. It is also a wrong concept that X Bar & R Chart work well for any production process. The said SPC will highly valuable for those type of production process with high production volume, run for long hours, and need high precision dimension control (especially for tolerance control at < 20 micron).

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