Q : Do you have any KPI Format that is useful for our reference ?
A : Yes. We would normally focus on “% of Weight”, KRA, Business KPI and Target. Please refer to our KPI Format as per the Microsoft Excel file as per Sample for KPI Worksheet.
Note : Please email admin@brainperformance.com.my to obtain the password for file access. Many thanks.
Q : Could Performance Management help in achieving Business Target ?
A : We will always suggest our Clients to set up KPI System as the base of the Performance Management System, as KPI System will be served as the bridge to link up both the Business Strategies & the Performance Appraisal System of a company.
Q : Would KPI help to drive Business Performance ?
A : Based on our Consulting Experience, it will. However, KPI will be effectiveness, if KPI is driven under a Strong Leadership by top management. If possible, we would also suggest our Clients to link the KPI Management System to their Bonus & Salary Increment.
Q : Can KPI be directly Link to Bonus & Salary Increment ?
A : Of course. We have proven system to assist many clients to link their KPI System to Bonus & Salary Increment via their Performance Appraisal System for the last 6 years. It did help to motivate the staff to perform towards the KPI Target set.
Q : We have a problems that majority of our employees achieving their KPI Target, but our company does not show handsome profit ?
A : It is the common issues. It is due to majority of the KPIs set are not directly linked to the Business Strategies & the Annual Budget set by the company. That’s why the above issues happened.

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