Any value of having ISO 9001:2015 QMS ?

Nine years ago, one of our potential client, Kent Low called us via leads referral. Kent Low is a manufacturer of Auto-lathe Precision Turning Parts. He would like us to help him to solve his critical problems as per below :

  • No clear system to track how much is the reject rate & daily production.
  • Customer has always complained due to late delivery, as they could not give a definite expected delivery date.
  • The same operations & quality issues at production floor were repeated.
  • High Materials Wastage due to high rejection rate.
  • Do not have ideas of which batch of materials that caused problems.

We have requested Kent Low to allow us to have a quick tour of his Factory which consist of around 80 over units of Autolathe machines, and have a quick chat with the technician in the factory. And, we have strongly recommend to Kent Low that, ISO 9001 QMS is his next move.

We still could remember his immediate response, “No way ! I have many friends that have achieved ISO 9001 certification, their factories remained messy & unorganized. What I have seen is, they are being burdened by a lot of documentation & recording works. But, why should we set up this tedious management system ?”

After our details explanation, we were lucky that Kent Low had adopted our recommendation. Today, Kent Low has managed to expand his business overseas by duplicating the success of the quality management system from one factory to another factory.

2 years back, Kent had shared with us that, “I strongly agreed you that, we should not achieve ISO 9001 certification for the sake of it. We should walk out the true values of ISO 9001 that work for us. I have done a right choice 7 years back ! Today, my factories can never survive without this system, as ISO 9001 is already part of our company system !”