E-Coach is a Free Off-Site Consulting Services that we have provided to our active clientele for more than 10 years. In line with our corporate philosophy to grow with our clients, we hope to assist our clients to solve their workplace issues related to our training/consulting services we have provided before.

You could refer to the FAQ & its related topics as per below :

Should you have any issues related to our Training/Consulting Issues, please help to email us via

For any the related issues, we would keep our promise to response within 48 hours.

To optimize the Service Values of E-Coach, we would pool a group of on-line community within our clients & treat E-Coach as the communication platform to solve the common problems faced by our clients.

If you wish to part of our on-line community & discussion group, please email us your contact/ email address to

For those FAQ, we would publish based on the condition as per below :

  • The FAQ that worth sharing will be published to benefit our On-Line Community.
  • The FAQ will normally be published for 3 months.