Class Presentation  Training with Warm Response !

Internal Quality Audit Training Workshop
The Trainer was sharing some tips of conducting Internal Audit with the group of participants.

Production Management Training Workshop
The trainer had managed to gain the active participation to make the training session interesting & enjoyable !

Group Case Study Case Study Facilitation

7 QC Tools Training Workshop
The Trainees work together to complete the “Histrogram Chart” based on the real life case.

KPI Training Workshop
The Trainer patiently coached the Trainees & to highlight the tips of setting KPI for their Dialysis Centre.

Real-Life Case Study at Workplace Real-Life Consulting Approach

APQP Training Workshop
The participants were working together to study those Records used for APQP via the Shared Folder in the Office Server.

Japanese 5S Housekeeping Training Workshop
The participants actively discussed on the concerns of their current work flow, and proposed to make their production areas more organized via SEITON.

Case Study Presentation Trainee’s Presentation

The 7 QC Tools Training Workshop
One of the team leaders were presenting their case study conducted by applying the techniques learned.

The Problem Solving Skills Training Workshop
The Participants has shown their understanding the concept of Problem Solving via Mind Mapping.

Role Play Facilitation Role Play / Class Facilitation

Performance Appraisal Review Training Workshop
The participants were having role play on how to conduct the Performance Appraisal Session to a subordinate.

Internal Quality Audit Training Workshop
The trainer acted as an Auditee to be audited by the group of Auditors during the Role Play Session.

Training With Fun ! Training with Serious Learning !

Internal Quality Audit Training Workshop
The trainer was creating some interesting real life cases of his internal audit experience & had created a big “laugh” of everybody !

Train-The-Trainer Training Workshop
The trainees were paying full attention to learn the skills on how to conduct in-house training for their respective staff.

Gain Commitment from Workers Training with Valuable Feedback

Japanese 5S Housekeeping Briefing
The Trainer has assisted to brief the Factory workers to gain their commitment to support the Japanese 5S Programme in the Factory.

KPI Cascading Training Workshop
The group of Branch Managers are paying full attention on the feedback given by trainers on their case study on KPI Cascading Activities.

Training with Cheers and Excitement !
Training with Practical Exercise

Environmental, Safety & Health Awareness Briefing
The Trainer has created the exicitement among the Factory Workers to gear towards the implementation of Environmental, Safety & Health Programme

Measurement System Analysis (MSA) Training
The trainer has guided the partiticipant to conduct real-life MSA study based on the production parts being produced by their Factory.