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Date : As per scheduled for In-House Training
Duration : 2 Days
Time : 9.00am – 5.00pm
Venue : At Client's Premises

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TrainerChoong Ewe Lee                        

  Introduction :  
  Is Strategic Business Plan a necessity? There will be a mix view of it. Based on our consulting experience, most companies have business plan. And, they have also generated their business plan, such as target of business revenue, profit growth, % of Gross Profit, etc.  What is Business Plan for ? To see whether the revenue/profit growth is achievable,  Competitiveness/ SWOT analysis will give us a clear picture. To confirm whether a new business investment is strategic, Corporate Vision/ Mission will help. To see whether we are ready to move double speed than our competitors to gain business opportunities, Strength/ Weakness Analysis will help. To win a business war, we need a committed Sales Team, but we also need Sales Support, Operations Support, HR, IT & Finance to back them up. But, how ? Set Business Targets to gain support from all departments to back our Sales Team all the way up to achieve desired business results. That’s the power of having Strategic Business Plan.

  Who Must Attend :  
This Workshop is specially designed for MD, CEO, GM, Sr. Managers or Dept Heads who are interested/ assigned to achieve the below :
•    Formulate/Realign their Business Direction/Strategy for their company.
•    Cascade down Vision/Mission/Business Target to gain target ownership from their subordinates.
•    Capitalize the new Business Opportunities/Threats in the Market.
•    Built the FIT to capitalize the current/new Business Opportunities.
•    Strategically align the business target among Sales Team, Operation Team & Support Team in order to
     achieve Business Sustainable Growth.

  What is So Special about this Training ?  
  •    Participant will be able to bring back a full range of Business Plan Outputs from the stage of SWOT Analysis
     until its Business Plan based on Real Life Case Study selected by the participants.
•    We have proven Strategic Business Plan that work for our clients.
•    We use BSC as our Framework of Business Plan Generation
•    We link Business Plan to Annual Budget & KPI Management System.
•    We use Strategic Initiative to increase the successful rate of achieving Business Target.
•    We link Business Target to Performance Appraisal/Reward System, such as Bonus/Salary
     Increment/Business Incentive.

  Training Objectives :  
By the end of the training, participants will be able to:
•    Visualize, Analyze and See Corporate Vision as a Guideline for their Business Decision.
•    Use Mission Statement as a Direction for our Business Strategy.
•    Quantify the Business Opportunities that are available in the market.
•    Identify their current Strengths & Weaknesses to tap the defined Business Opportunities.
•    Develop the Strategic Business Map via BSC Approach.
•    Set your Business Strategic Plan at Business Unit Level.

  Training Contents :  

Overview of Balanced Scorecard :

•    What & Why of Balanced Scorecard ?
•    3 Key Principle of Balanced Scoredcard
•    Comparison of BSC & KPI
•    Success Story : Results of Balanced Scorecard


Practical Aspects of Corporate Vision :

•    What & Why of Corporate Vision ?
•    How to Visualize it ?
•    How to Analyze & Use it ?
•    How would it affect our Business Decision ?

Mission Statement Analysis :
•    Any difference from Corporate Vision ?
•    How to set a Mission Statement ?
•    Strategic Alignment of Business Direction
•    How it affects our Business Strategy ?
     a)    Marketing Strategy (5P’s)
     b)    Resources Investment (Finance, HR, etc)

External Environmental Analysis

•    PEST Analysis
•    Competition Analysis
•    Pitfalls in External Environmental Analysis
Case Study :
a)    What are the Business Opportunities to be capitalized ?                               
b)    Any Threat of Capitalizing the Business Opportunities ? 

Internal Environmental Analysis :
•    How to quantify your Strengths & Weaknesses ?
•    HR/Technology/System/Materials/Finance Analysis
Case Study :
a)    Any Strengths to capitalize the Business Opportunities ?
b)    Any Weakness for us to build out FIT ?


Develop Strategic Objectives via BSC :

•    Financial Perspective
Customer Perspective
•    Internal Business Process Perspective
•    Learning & Growth Perspective
Case Study : Strategic Business Map


Set Your Strategic Business Plan :

•    Strategic Objectives
•    Strategic Measurement
•    Business Target (Next 3 – 5 Years)
•    Strategic Driver
•    Strategic Initiatives


  Methodology :  

For the 1st day, the trainer will explain the concept of BSC to the pax via slide presentation. Then, the pax will be guided to visualize, analyse & use Vision/Mission for business decision based on the selected real life case quoted by participants. Based on the selected industries, the trainer will lead the team to conduct SWOT analysis based on a company scenario, and the top 3 - 5 quantifiable business opportunities would be identified.

At the 2nd day, the trainer will guide the pax to conduct the strengths & weaknesses analysis, and identify the FIT that we need to strengthen in order to capture the business opportunities. The findings of SWOT analysis will be used to generate the Business Strategy & strategically aligned into Business Strategic Map to ensure the strategies are vertically aligned. At the final step, the trainer will focus to coach the pax to measure their business strategy & set their strategic initiative to realize the business plan.

We have incorporate the business consulting approach in this training workshop, so the pax will be able to see the full range of process of creating the Strategic Business Plan from Vision, Mission, SWOT analysis, Business Strategy, Business Strategic Map, until the Business Target & Strategic Initiative being set.

  Investment Fees :  
  RM 1288.00 per participant (Standard Fee)
RM 1200.00 per participant (Early Bird Fee, register 2 weeks before the training)

Group incentive: Register 3 participants from the same organization, the 4th participant is FREE.
(Buy 3 Get 1 Free @ RM 1288.00/participant)

  Registration :  

There are 3 methods to register for this training:
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Notes :
This Training Programme is SBL Claimable *Subject to PSMB conditions.