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  Our KPI/BSC Consulting Achievement :

We would like to thank our clients who have given us opportunity to set up KPI/BSC Management System for the past decades which ranged from banking, insurance, manufacturing, trading, IT as well as public sector. By using the opportunity/ problem oriented approach, we have assisted our clients to achieve their business results after the implementation of KPI system as below :

1.    Achieve Bus. Revenue/Profit Growth.
2.    Use Fact & Figure to solve Business Issues.
3.    Resolve Business Concerns that bug them for years.
4.    Obtain the KPI ownership from Managers/Executives by linking KPI to Performance Appraisal/Reward System (Bonus/Salary Increment)

It sounds unbelievable. In fact, it is simple. The secret behind is, KPI get us to stay “Focus”, be “Result oriented” and “Continuous Improvement”.

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Our KPI/BSC Related Training Course :

•    Strategic Business Plan via BSC
•    KPI At Work Training Workshop (Most Popular)
•    Achieving Business Results via KPI Ownership

•    Business Performance Analysis via KPI

•    Performance Appraisal Review

By end of training session, we always ensure our trainees could bring back the KPI/BCS Outcomes that could be applied at their workplace. 

  Our KPI Consulting Services :

We take pride of setting KPI that works for our clients :
•    KPI must link to Business Plan & Annual Budget to reflect
     its Business Result.
•    Div/Dept KPI must be aligned to support each other.
•    KPI Tracking must be able to incorporate into the current
     operation/data mgmt system (i.e. ERP, etc)
•    KPI Report shall be simple & less time consuming.
•    KPI Results could be linked to Perf. Appraisal System.
Our KPI Follow-Up Services :

To assure the KPI System is executed successfully, we have provided our KPI follow-up services to lead our clients to present & analyse their KPI Results in a simple, but effective manner. We guided our clients to analyze the KPI performance gap, by identify its root causes, so as to propose corrective action to gradually improve their business results. This KPI meeting has provided a platform for the KPI owner to monitor & achieve their KPI targets set by end of the financial year.

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