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Date : As per schedule of In-House Training
Duration : 2 Days
Time : 9.00am – 5.00pm
Venue : At Client's Premises

Sharing : ISO 9001:2015 Articles Sharing by Trainer
Special Promotion : Promotion for Consulting Package In Upgrading ISO 9001:2015
Trainer/ConsultantChoong Ewe Lee               

  Introduction :  
  One of the major changes of ISO 9001:2015 is, the concept of Risk Based Thinking. This has specified requirements for ISO 9001 certified companies to clearly understand the context of their organization, and determine the risks & opportunities, as the basis of planning. The findings of risks & opportunities analysis will be served as the basis to plan and implement the Quality Management System (QMS) processes, and also to determine the extent of documented information required. And, our training will provide you a clear & step-by-step “Risk & Opportunities Analysis Framework” in order to establish the related processes, and its analysis findings as per required by this International Standard.

  Who Must Attend :  
The training workshop is specially designed for GM, QMR/IMR, QA Managers, Heads of Departments (HODs) and/or any relevant personnel who are assigned/required to identify the Risks & Opportunities, to analyse its effects, and to address the actions to be taken. Upon the action taken, they will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of action taken as per required by the revised standard requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

  What is So Special about this Training ?  

Our training is, simple, easy to learn & use, and always effective as below :
•    Risks & Opportunities Analysis Procedures will be provided.
•    Risk & Opportunities Rating Guideline will be provided.
•    Risk & Opportunities Analysis Format will be provided.
•    Drafted Risks & Opportunities Analysis Findings will generated.
•    Our trainers have trained & benefited > 500 clients, and > 2,500 QMRs of ISO 9001 for the past 25 years.

  Training Objectives :  
By the end of this course, participants will be able to:
•    Identify the Risks & Opportunities based on external context of the company.
•    Identify the Risks & Opportunities based on internal context of the company.
•    Identify the Risks & Opportunities based on the needs & expectations of interested parties.
•    Analyse & prioritize the effects of Risks & Opportunities specified.
•    Address the additional actions to be taken for those with high priority number.
•    Evaluate the effectiveness of actions taken.

  Training Contents :  
  Introduction to Risk & Opportunities Analysis (ROA)
•    About Risk Based Thinking
•    The related Clause Requirements of ROA
•    The recommended ROA Procedure
•    The recommended ROA Format

Stage 1 : Risk & Opportunities Identification
(A) Identify the External Context of the company:
•    Consider the External Issues (i.e. Market, Competitiveness, etc)
•    List down the potential Opportunities/Risks

(B) Identify the Internal Context of the company:
•    Consider the Internal Issues (i.e. Value, Culture, etc)
•    List down the potential Opportunities/Risks

(C) Identify the needs and expectation of interested parties:
•    Specify the related Interested Parties
•    Specify the needs & expectations of the interested parties
•    List down the potential Opportunities/Risks

Case Study : Conduct Risk & Opportunities Identification

Stage 2 : Effect Analysis
•    Specify the Effects to the intended results of QMS
•    Specify the Current Action(s) Addressed
•    Prioritize the Effects

Case Study : Conduct Effect Analysis

Stage 3 : Action Addressed
•    Prioritize Action to be taken.
•    Specify who do what by when.

Case Study : Address Actions for High Priority

Stage 4 : Evaluation of Effectiveness
•    Specify Proof of Action
•    Evaluate its effectiveness

Case Study : Conduct Evaluation of Effectiveness

  Methodology :  

This workshop will be conducted via lectures, group discussion/facilitation as well as the case studies based on the real life case of participants. The trainer will start by sharing the concept of risk based thinking, and introduce them to the recommended ROA procedures & format. Based on the ROA format, the trainer will guide the pax step-by-step how to use the 4-stages Approach to identify the Risks & Opportunities until the evaluation of its effectiveness, so the findings of ROA could be compiled & used as a guide for the development of QMS processes after training.

  Registration :  
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Notes :
This Training Programme is SBL Claimable *Subject to PSMB conditions.