BRAIN PERFORMANCE CONSULTANTS started its consulting business since the year of 1995. With the years of our commitment in servicing clients, we have grown ourselves into one of the most reputable Business Consulting & Training Firm with the clients that consist of financial institution, trading, manufacturing, IT services, global logistics, property development, construction, as well as plantation which range from multinational companies to the small and medium size companies.


We aim to assist our clients/business owners to achieve their Business/Financial Goals based on the 4 Key Approaches as per below :

  1. Our Business Consultant would strive to device the Business Strategy to achieve the Business Goals via Balance Score Card (BSC), SWOT Analysis, Budget Plan, etc.
  2. Our Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Consultant will establish/align the Performance Management System (PMS) that realizes the Business Strategies via Key Performance Indicators (KPI), Performance Appraisal Review (PAR), etc.
  3. Our ISO Consultant will build/enhance the Certified Management System (i.e. ISO 9001, ISO 14001,
    ISO/TS 16949, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22000, etc)
  4. Our Quality Consultant will continuously improve the Operational Improvement Initiatives of your Business via Total Quality Management (TQM), Japanese 5S Housekeeping, Lean Manufacturing (7 MUDAs), Kaizen Programme, etc.

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To make our Service Value for Money, we have categorized into 4 Categories. We aim to cater for the different needs of our clients as per below :


Public Training

We serve the clients who have the interest to know more about the latest business/ management technology, and also how this technology can be beneficial to their company.

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In-House Training

The above training is specially designed to serve our clients who would like us to carefully tailor-made our Training Workshop to their specific industries.

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Consulting Services

When our clients have confirmed to establish & implement the Change Initiatives into their company, we would coach & work together with our clients to initiate the changes until they are successfully implemented.

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Maintenance Services

This is the recent Services that we have specially designed for those clients who require to outsource their periodically routine management work to us due to the shortage of manpower or costly full time staff to maintain their current work.

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