We carry out our Consulting Project based on the Approach as per below :

Stage 1 : Assessment Review

Every client is special to us. Our consultants would conduct Assessment Review to ensure the change initiative is specially customized to suit the corporate culture of our clients. The careful selection & appointment of Project Leader & Project Team will determine the successful project implementation at the later stage.

Stage 2 : Field Work Development

Once the Assessment Review, we would proceed to develop the field work as per the delivery out defined in the service contract. The Delivery Output shall be generated & briefed to our clients before our consultants leave our clients premises. The Follow-Up Action & Next Course of Action of our Next Visit shall be specified in our Project Plan.

Stage 3 : Training Workshop

The Training Workshop aims to convert the Technology/Methodology of Field Work Development to our clients, and to dissolve any problems/issues arised, especially that may need decision making from the management/team members.

Stage 4 : Walk-The-Talk

Once the problem/issues are dissolved, our Consultants would lead the Project Team to implement the Project as per its Action Schedule.

Stage 5 : Coaching/Enforcement

Our Consultants will continuously review & coach the Team Members to ensure the clients are always at the right track, and assist the clients to remove any obstacles that will possibly fail the project.

Stage 6 : Project Hand Over

Once our Clients have confidently maintained the Change Initiative for a defined period, then our Consultant will conduct the final audit (by using 3P Principle) to assure our clients could independently handle the job before we could hand over the full project back to our clients.