We design, develop & develop our Training Workshop based on the Approach as per below :

Stage 1 : Consulting Experience Gathering

Majority of our Training Workshops are designed & developed upon the request of our clients during the Consulting Project Stage. Based our hand-on experience & common problems faced by our clients, our consultants would normally work together to compile their consulting experience & turn them into a structured training workshop.

Stage 2 : Training Needs Analysis

Once there is any request of any relevant training, our Sales Professional shall first analyse whether our Training Workshop would solve the concerns/problems of our clients before our training workshop recommendation. This will help to reduce the risk of trainees attending any training workshop that is not useful to them.

Stage 3 : Training Design & Development

Our training design is problem & solution driven. Our trainers would normally design & develop our training workshop based on the common problems faced by our consulting clients. Therefore, a lot of practical real-life case will be simulated & modified as a case-study to enhance the learning of our clients.

Stage 4 : Training Delivery

As versatile of industrial consulting experience are our key strengths, we would normally use the real-life case for the specific industry of our clients to speed up their learning. To optimize the training values, we always volunteered ourselves to use our Real-Life Consulting Approach to dissolve the real-life problems of our clients. This unique training approach will help to proof the capability of our trainer, as well as to make the class more lively & interesting.

Stage 5 : Training Evaluation

Our Consultants will continuously review & coach the Team Members to ensure the clients are always at the right track, and assist the clients to remove any obstacles that will possibly fail the project.