• We sincerely train & coach YOU as our “Sales Professional”.
  • We have the BEST Coach to groom YOU to lead & manage our Business.
  • We have proven “Sales Strategies” that work for our Sales Team.
  • We work towards to achieve your “Financial Goal”. 

Your Career Expectation :

  • Strong Interest in providing Business Solutions.
  • Aim to be one of our Business Partners eventually.
  • Like create Opportunities for your Personal Growth.
  • Have clear Financial Goals in Life.

Your Personal Interest :

  • Strong Desire in New Discovery.
  • Helpful & Interested in Problem Solving.
  • Enjoy the feeling of Clients’ Appreciation.
  • Willing to put Extra to make “Impossible” Possible.

Our Preferred Qualification :

  • Minimum Qualification with Degree in any discipline.
  • Communication Skills & Good in Rapport Building.
  • Good Command in English, Malay and/or Mandarin.

Our Preferred Expertise for any of the below :

  • Sales Experience in Servicing related Industries.
  • Preferably with Sales Track Records.
  • Preferably with Industrial Knowledge.
  • Preferably with current Clientele & Business Connection.

If you like to join us as our Sales Professional, kindly email us your resume (with photo, personal/career profile, annual salary package expectation) for further evaluation.

To increase your chance of being selected, please email us a short write-up of “Why do you want to build your career in Business/Consulting Business?”.

Please email the above to